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Many patients complain of hearing loss when the see Dr. Brill. Hearing loss comes in different forms, it can be the result of wax build up, ear infection, "cold" or sinus infections/congestion, these are all temporary hearing loss situations. But sometimes a hearing loss can be the result of age or noise exposure which is a permanent form. This can be helped with the use of hearing aids. When properly fit and adjusted to your individual needs and lifestyle, hearing aids can be very beneficial to you. At Midland Hearing Associates you are tested to determine the level of hearing loss, your audiologist will then review these results with you and determine if a hearing aid is needed and which one would best fit your lifestyle.  For more information on hearing loss and how it relates to you visit Midland Hearing Associates, they are located in the same suite as Dr. Brill but are a different practice.

  • Nosebleed (epistaxis)

                This occurs when the membranes lining the inner nose are disturbed or irritated. The most common causes can be a breakdown in the lining of the nose, injury to the nose or face, high altitude, high blood pressure, medicines or medical conditions that prevent your blood from clotting. In some cases Dr. Brill can cauterize the nose in the office but in more severe cases he may schedule an outpatient procedure.

  • Sinusitis

                This is when the linings of the sinuses become swollen and infected.  Symptoms can include feeling fullness or pressure in your head, painful headache, tenderness around the eyes, aching in the upper jaw and teeth, runny or stuffy nose, cough, fluid draining down the back of the throat. Dr. Brill may order a CT of your sinuses for a closer look, prescribe nasal spray or other sinus prescriptions, or he may scheduled an outpatient procedure.

  • Outer Ear Infection(otitis externa):

                Commonly known as an "earache", an outer ear infection is the inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. This is medically known as otitis externa and can be secondary to eczema or caused by water trapped in the ear canal and also by active bacterial or fungal infections. The ear canal swells and may become painful and tender, these symptoms can come on strong and sudden. Treatment can be through medicated drops, oral antibiotics, steroids for itch, and/or cream/ointment for outer ear.

  • Middle Ear Infections

                This is an infection of the air-filled space in the ear behind the eardrum.  With otitis media patient can experience ear pain, hearing loss, feeling blockage in ear, fever and dizziness.  Ear infections of the middle ear, usually begin with a viral or allergy infection of the nose and throat. Dr. Brill may order a hearing test from Midland Hearing Associates if you are experiencing hearing loss. He may also treat the infection with antibiotics, and/or a decongestant to help clear the Eustachian tube.

  • Acoustic Neuroma

                This is a benign tumor that can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, balance problems, and possible facial numbness. Dr. Brill may ask for you to have a hearing test with Midland Hearing Associates, and an MRI to eliminate or diagnosis for acoustic neuroma.

  • Earwax

                Excessive cerumen build up can block the ear canal and cause temporary hearing impairment and sometimes discomfort in the ear. Dr. Brill will remove cerumen in the office and does not recommend the use of Q-Tips, bobby pins, ear candeling as at home cerumen removal methods.

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